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Illahe project 1899 Estate Pinot Noir
Description: When Brad started making wine at Illahe he had been to France a few times and noted the use of horses in their vineyards, something that wasnít happening to the same extent in Oregon. Illahe purchased a team of Percheron draft horses (Doc and Bea) and began working with them to mow in the vineyard and bring fruit to the winery at harvest.

Bradís interest in the horses grew to an overall interest in historical winemaking methods and how modern technology has changed wine. In 2011 we began our 1899 project, of making a wine without the use of electricity or modern mechanization. We wanted to continue the tradition of craft in winemaking. Using our hands (sometimes feet) and a lot of soul to make something that we truly feel connected to. As farmers, we feel a connection to our soil and we wanted to continue that to the finished product.
Price: $ 70.99