Friday, May 2nd from 5:30-8pm is the date for the 27th Anniversary Wine Tasting Event. Advanced tickets available at both store locations through Friday, May 2nd 2014 or while quantities last!

-Save on tickets purchased in pairs -- $25 for one ticket, get 2nd for just $5.00! Additional tickets when purchasing more than two for an additional $15 per ticket!!
-Visit with more than a dozen wine representatives including local distributors;
-More than 100 wines available for sampling
--Hors d'oeuvres provided by hotel catering - Hotel Fort DSM
-Join us for what could be the final anniversary wine tasting event as an Ingersoll W&S annual wine tasting event!


2014 Wine Preview - The Holiday Season.. Just About Upon Us!

The month of November began with temperatures still in the mid-60's.  In central Iowa we even enjoyed a few more daytime high temperatures even in the 70's.  The middle part of November however quickly changed those moderate temperatures with high barely in the 20's.

With the holiday season upon us we are looking ahead to new products arriving at both store locations.  The Thanksgiving holiday is here which means finding that perfect pairing for your holiday feast.  The endless offerings can be overwhelming when deciding upon the perfect wine.  Not to worry as expert advice is ever so near!  Beaujolais Nouveau is indeed a holiday tradition and both Ingersoll W&S stores are awaiting its shipment just in time for Thanksgiving!

But let's not stop there as Black Friday sales will soon be upon us shortly after we have enjoyed our last piece of that apple pie or your favorite dessert after the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  December is just around the corner and our holiday events are just getting underway!  Our 50th Street location in West Des Moines is kicking things off with a spirited tasting event featuring whiskies and bourbons on Thursday, November 20th from 5:30-7pm.

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Note: To order products, you must be of legal age to purchase alcoholic beverages in your state.

Note: Online orderers - as much as we strive to have the best information on our Web site, vintage and price are subject to change. If you are looking for a specific year of wine or appellation/designation of single vineyard then please follow-up to our automated e-mail confirming that we have received your order. Each category has a date of last update. This is your best indicator as to how current our wine list is for that specific category, i.e., chardonnay, merlot, Italy, France, Australia, etc.

Notice to Iowa Customers and those shopping locally for our wines: the majority of the wines featured on this website are referenced to the inventory of our West Des Moines store located at 1300 50th Street in West Des Moines, IA. Both Ingersoll Wine & Spirits store locations have access to wines found on our website, however if your aim is to shop by stopping into one of our locations please call ahead of your visit or contact our West Des Moines store so that we may be better prepared to accomodate your shopping needs.